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“Being at the canvas is where I feel the most raw,
it is also where I discover harmony.


Intrigued by shifting states of being and the intricacies of being a woman, this is the space where I am able to explore, discover, re-balance, reconnect and share.

A creative being since childhood, painting specifically came to me later in life, bringing with it all the things I love - color, movement, energy, story and the ability to take something deeply personal and find universality within it.


What may seem whimsical is all too often the outcome of a vulnerable and deep journey, wrapped in the intention of reconnecting you with

something beautiful inside and out."



Charlotte Marie Isbell is an intuitive expressionist artist from Australia, living and painting in Madison, Alabama. Working with oils and textiles, her unique visual expression is defined by concepts such as connection, shifting states of being, and the intricacies of being a woman. Her process is two-phased as the work moves from literal to the expressive. Figurative or scenery studies allow her to explore perspective, color and emotion, before the essence of these studies translates into larger abstract artworks - expressions. 

Responsibility for her impact on the environment heavily shapes Charlotte's practice. Across solvents, paints, pigments, inks, textiles and frames, she favors natural, recyclable and gentle materials in a minimal waste process. Her intention is to create unique and engaging artworks, that are beautiful, enduring, and forever cherished from generation to generation. 

Although primarily self-taught, Charlotte’s art influences include a twelve year education in classical piano, more than a decade working in the Australian design industry, and more recently through the schooling of artist Nicholas Wilton. Although originally more impressionistically focused, she has become a curious artist, and her work now pushes depth, color and movement to invite reflection and connection.


Since her first painting in 2017, she has had the privilege of solo exhibits and gallery representation in Colorado, published work in children's books, and has work housed in many private and corporate spaces in Australia and America. Inspired by her passion for functional art, sustainable behaviors and natural home decor, she also has a successful fine art home textile line, created in collaboration with her husband (and leathersmith) Drew Isbell.



Along with her own studio and online gallery / store,
Charlotte's artwork is also available through:




2018: Les Femmes - In Her Space, Solo Show Colorado Springs, CO
2019 / 2020: Les Femmes - State of Being - Solo Exhibit Fort Collins CO
2020: Soft & Wild Abstracts - Solo Show Fort Collins CO
2021: Les Femmes The Comforts of Home - Solo Exhibit Madison AL / Sydney Australia
2022: Herself - Solo Show Madison AL

2023: Natural Presence - Solo Show Madison AL

2023: An Original Touch - Peachtree & Co Huntsville AL
2023: The Unfolding - Collaborative Collection Huntsville, AL


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