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"To me this is not 'still life' art, but rather an invitation to experience and explore color, and to become reacquainted with those colors we may have lost touch with."

Charlotte Marie Isbell

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Saddened by an article suggesting the diminishing use of color in our world due to mental overwhelm, The Other Side of Blue is a three part series, exploring the way color can shift and reconnect viewers to uplifting States of being - the final part/collection will showcase in Australia in December. As such, this first part is the prelude and an exploration of the key aspect inside the entire series - color. 

For the first collection in the series, I want to invite viewers to be present with color. So instead of abstracted work, I've been creating literal "still life" scenes based on real, every-day love stories (self, romantic, and spiritual), and painting with a focus on color psychology.

Through this process, each artwork has gone through a transition: from a blue underlay to a vibrant and warm finish; from a tightly constructed scene to a playful and expressive piece.
... the same transition I want for the viewer.


The showcase of this first collection will be held in the lobby of 104 Jefferson St - a curated and private art show experience with intended dates as follows:

1) Thursday 4th, April
6:30-8:30pm (Artist Talk 7pm)

Vernissage Opening Night - RSVP Only (max 40 guests)
Includes guests of RippleWorx, KPS Group, Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate and Charlotte's Collector List

2) Friday 5th, April -
6:30-8:30pm (Artist Talk 7pm)

Casual evening viewing - RSVP only (max 40 guests - Charlotte's remaining collector's list) 

3) Saturday 6th, April - Tuesday 30th, April
Collection remains on-sight 

4) Wednesday 1st, May
New artwork painted exclusively for 104 Jefferson installed in lobby space


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Useful Information


The safety and protection of 104 Jefferson and associated brands is of the utmost importance to me. As such:

- I will be working directly with Wesley Crunkleton re. most suitable installation methods for artworks to avoid damage on site.

- Only known guests will be invited to opening night shows.

- The show will not be 'open' to the general public.

- Any on-site collector appointments followings opening night will take place within business hours and with forward notice where requested.

- The exclusive artwork created for the lobby space will not be from this show collection, but designed specifically for the space/vibe of the building.


Sometimes the media is engaged around these art events. Your brands can be included as 'supporters/hosts' of the show. Any media releases will be seen by all involved brands prior to dispatch. The focus of any release will be around uplifting the art scene within Huntsville and all associated brands/personnel.  




additional notes
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- Expressionist Artist from Sydney, Australia, painting in Madison Al where I live with my Alabama-born husband

- I hold a BA Business & Creative Communications, from UTS Sydney, 2008   

- Worked 12 years in the Australian Creative Brand Design industry including award winning projects for the prestigious Designworks and Frost Collective*

- Moved to expressive fine arts in 2017 to use color and movement as a way to help people reconnect to something beautiful inside and out


- Spent 6 years prolifically painting collections, learning about paint and the art industry, and finding what I loved and didn't love in my work

- After the completion of Abstract Art School in 2022, I shifted to full-time fine art because of a deep commitment to the process and the impact I have witnessed from the work within individuals and communities

My vision is to create large scale expressive works that genuinely uplift individuals, while bringing Huntsville a taste of the art world I experienced during my time living in Copenhagen, Sydney, Melbourne, London and Paris. 

yes, all by choice!


- 2017, First oil collection selected for solo show in Colorado Springs (and first sold artwork!)

- 2018, First large-scale private commission 

- 2019, selected to paint 10 piece series for commercial space  


- 2020, Gallery representation in Fort Collins

- 2020, Second large scale oil collection and major sale

- 2021, Near sell-out oil painting collection including 3 international collectors

- 2021, Two large-scale paintings purchased for Sydney CBD Legal Firm space

- 2022, Completion of Nicholas Wilton Art School

- 2022, 4 large scale commissions by international collectors

- 2023, Solo show with and representation by Peach Tree & Co Huntsville

- 2023, Large Scale Paintings & Curation of First Collaborative Show with ceramic artist Jordyn Brummett - over 100 guests


- 2023, having 4 artworks selected and now represented by Anthropologie - two of which are now on their best selling list. 

- Building my local collector list from 0 to over a 100 in just over a year

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