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Wesley Crunkleton,
Beyond Rockets

IMG_0806_BIO SHOT.jpg


- Expressionist Artist from Sydney, Australia, painting in Madison Al where I live with my Alabama-born husband

- I hold a BA Business & Creative Communications, from UTS Sydney, 2008   

- Worked 12 years in the Australian Creative Brand Design industry including award winning projects for the prestigious Designworks and Frost Collective*

- Moved to expressive fine arts in 2017 to use color and movement as a way to help people reconnect to something beautiful inside and out


- Spent 6 years prolifically painting collections, learning about paint and the art industry, and finding what I loved and didn't love in my work

- After the completion of Abstract Art School in 2022, I shifted to full-time fine art because of a deep commitment to the process and the impact I have witnessed from the work within individuals and communities

My vision is to create large scale expressive works that genuinely uplift individuals, while bringing Huntsville a taste of the art world I experienced during my time living in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Paris. 

yes, all by choice!


- 2017, First oil collection selected for solo show in Colorado Springs (and first sold artwork!)

- 2018, First large-scale private commission 

- 2019, selected to paint 10 piece series for commercial space  


- 2020, Gallery representation in Fort Collins

- 2020, Second large scale oil collection and major sale

- 2021, Near sell-out oil painting collection including 3 international collectors

- 2021, Two large-scale paintings purchased for Sydney CBD Legal Firm space

- 2022, Completion of Nicholas Wilton Art School

- 2022, 4 large scale commissions by international collectors

- 2023, Solo show with and representation by Peach Tree & Co Huntsville

- 2023, Large Scale Paintings & Curation of First Collaborative Show with ceramic artist Jordyn Brummett - over 100 guests


- 2023, having 4 artworks selected and now represented by Anthropologie - two of which are now on their best selling list. 

- Building my local collector list from 0 to over a 100 in just over a year



Saddened by an article suggesting the diminishing use of color in our world due to mental overwhelm, The Other Side of Blue is a three part series, exploring the way color can shift and reconnect viewers to uplifting States of being - the final part/collection will showcase in Australia in December (my first Australian show).

For the first collection in the series, I want to invite viewers to be present with color. So instead of abstracted work, I've been creating literal "still life" scenes based on real, every-day love stories (self, romantic, and spiritual), and painting with a focus on color psychology.

Through this process, each artwork has gone through a transition: from a blue underlay to a vibrant and warm finish; from a tightly constructed scene to a playful and expressive piece.
... the same transition I want for the viewer.


1) To find a space that is central for my audience;
2) For this space to be empt
y and clean with lots of natural light - to really amplify color;
3) For the space to have gone through a transition itself;

4) To host the show in spring - 
opening night Friday 4, April

- There is an energy here that I love
- Feedback from my previous shows and collectors has shown a desire and
'white space' for an event like this in the area.
- On a personal level Downtown Huntsville reminds me of my former homes in both Sydney & Paris.


- 104 Jefferson - creative tenants, creative area, creative vibe, and beautiful.
- An alternative space that fits the brief


Image 4.jpg


Sponsor Commitments

Sponsorship Level 1:

Provide the use of a space that fits Sponsorship Level 2 description at a very generous price.

Sponsorship Level 2:

- A designated and suitable space to display 10-12 oil paintings (from 24x24" to 36x48")

- The use of designated wall space for installation (day prior), opening night and the weekend following the show.

- Permission to photograph the works in this space and use all photos for marketing purposes 

- The ability to host a private, RSVP only opening night Friday 5, April including Charlotte's collector list* - beverages and light snacks provided by Charlotte.

- The ability for Charlotte to privately show any interested collectors the work on-site within the agreed period above (by appointment only).**

Sponsorship Level 3:

- All of the above but the collection remains within the space for a minimum of one week (up to four weeks) from opening night

- Crunkleton C.R.E to host the private, RSVP opening night including beverages and light snacks

Sponsor Value

Sponsorship Level 1
- Invitation to opening night including Crunkleton C.R.E Team

- Brand acknowledgement on invitation and opening night

Sponsorship Level 2

- Crunkleton C.R.E brand (or brand of your choice) and sponsorship acknowledgement on all show marketing (collection catalogue, invites, social media, website).

- Invitation to opening night including sponsor acknowledgement

- To host your own exclusive pre-opening event for 
Crunkleton C.R.E clients as a unique and fresh opportunity for entertainment and networking

- A commissioned oil painting by Charlotte up to 36x36"(valued at USD 1,800)

- The use of all show photography for
Crunkleton C.R.E marketing

- Another philanthropic opportunity to support the arts that continues to elevate your brand as a patron of culture and visionary for Downtown Huntsville

Sponsorship Level 2

In addition to the above:

- The commissioned piece is now sized up to 6 feet (valued up to $6,000)


sponsorship oveview
Image 2.jpg

Useful Information


My current show audience list includes:

- 80 collectors from Huntsville-Madison region. These collectors include both working female professionals and business owners (aged 27-40) and art collectors of any gender aged 40-55. Average large artwork spend is USD 1,500 with collectors typically owning more than 1 piece.

12 international collectors of the same description.

30 local businesses within the professional creative space.

- 8 legal firm owners from Huntsville.

- Collectors list excludes general social media and general email lists


- In addition to Anthropologie, my original work is also now represented by two local interior design firms with a potential third on the horizon.


The safety and protection of your space and brand is of the utmost importance to me. As such:

- My art business including all artworks is insured.

- **Any private collector appointment following opening night will take place within business hours and with forward notice to any key personnel on site.

- The best installation for the space (ensuring minimal impact) will be agreed as a part of next steps.

- My husband and I will be present at install and take-down, and at all events.


Please feel free to reach out to Christy Wimberly (Honest Coffee) and Jordyn Brummett (The Vessel) for character and professional references.


- 256 Today - The Vessel At Stovehouse to Unfold New Fine Art - Nov 2023

- Tennessee Valley Living - The Vessel Celebrating One Year - Nov 2023

additional notes

Next Steps & Timings

Should you be interested in supporting this collection in some way, I would love to discuss this proposal further. My contact details are below:


Email: (or click below)

Cell: 719 960 9125

As I'm a one-gal show, in the interest of planning and requirements, sponsorship proposal RSVP is Wednesday 21, February (next week) at the latest. 


- Sponsorship RSVP / Confirmation - Wednesday 21, February

- Opening night Invites to Print - Monday 4, March 

- Invite Sent 11 March / RSVP - Monday 25, March

- Art Install - Thursday 4, April

- Opening Night - Friday 5, April

next steps
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