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From Beneath The Surface
  • From Beneath The Surface

    Oil and Wax on Canvas

    Custom Box Frame Alabama Pine

    38x50” (Framed)


    The first piece of the collection and yet the last work finished, this artwork evokes something from deep within. What seems simple from a distance, upclose shares layers of detail and curiosity emerging from beneath the surface. It’s an intriguing and yet calming artwork, heavilly marked with deep blue shadows, amongst splashes of turqouise, violet, warm browns and magentas - surprisingly harmonised and waiting to be discovered.


    * Please contact me if you would like to own this with a 50% deposit and pay in instalments.

    • Shipping & Delivery

      All fees are in USD and include shipping

      For Shipping Within USA:  If you're near Madison or Huntsville AL we'll personally deliver to you at no additional cost. Otherwise artwork will ship as per the details in the above description (e.g. framed, unframed, stretched, rolled etc).

      For International Shipping: Artwork will ship rolled and unframed.  As such, express shipping + full insurance is included within this price. I will also work with you where artwork stretching is required in your location. Paintings can be crated as a bespoke service but this will be invoiced seperately at full cost. 

      Please send me an email if you would like me to check any of these costs in advance. 

    • Terms & Conditions

      It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure they have read and understood all terms & conditions associated with purchasing art from Charlotte Marie Isbell. These terms can be found at the bottom of all pages on this website. By making any purchase you will be accepting these terms in entirety.