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Et Les Fleurs, Elles Dansent
  • Et Les Fleurs, Elles Dansent

    (And the flowers, they dance)
    Oil and Wax on Canvas

    Custom Alabama Pine Frame


    Gently liberating and wonderfully alive is how I would describe this work. Layers and layers of warm neutrals give ways to bold splashes of rich earthy hues. This is a striking centre piece that works particularly well with surrounding natural materials (e.g. timbers).  It can fill up the walls of a small room or be the heart of any larger space.   


    * Please contact me if you would like to own this with a 50% deposit and pay in instalments.

    • Shipping & Delivery

      All fees are in USD and include shipping

      For Shipping Within USA:  If you're near Madison or Huntsville AL we'll personally deliver to you at no additional cost. Otherwise artwork will ship as per the details in the above description (e.g. framed, unframed, stretched, rolled etc).

      For International Shipping: Artwork will ship rolled and unframed.  As such,