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My Sienna Project

I'm going to start this by being quite honest - I'm not too sure whether this will be a permanent addition (hence the word Project), not because I don't love sharing lovely things but rather, I don't quite know where I want to take this yet.

It's this unsureness however that is making me start anyway; the idea of not being perfect or resolved for a while feels quite liberating and beautiful. After all this is how I paint, so why not embrace it here as well.

The Sienna Project - not perfect, not formulaic, pleasurably liberating, surrounded by curiosity.

I am giggling at myself a little here as well at my seemingly behind-the-times approach. We have so many places to "share" these days and I've started a blog. In my defense, last Sunday I thoroughly enjoyed an unexpected moment in bed, tea in hand, reading some online articles (just like these). The content spoke to me, and it was so lovely not to be a part of the ever-changing scroll.

The Sienna Project - for people who like to take in beautiful content at their own pace, with a cup a tea, with a sense of mindfullness paired with that warm feeling of connection.

As an artist I am attuned to beauty: From colours, to words, moments, even feelings this is what my life and work are filled with (and inspired by). I share these regularly through what I paint but sometimes I just want to share things I have loved throughout the process of creation. I've come to appreciate the ability of life's beauty to re-connect us... and at their centre a gentle yet present love. I feel it so often through my work, so why not share the love.

The Sienna Project - sharing beautiful things found during my creative process to invite reconnection; to use our senses to connect with a state of love.

And why Sienna. This one was easy - an earthy, rich and warm color genre and a name that evokes the senses ... perfect.

The Sienna Project - filled with rich, warm, even earthy sensual delights.

I don't imagine I'll be writing big posts like this all the time ... more like snippets of words heard (inside or out) and loved. I do see lots of beautiful imagery of all sorts of things really, but I also see other delights that I can't quite put in words just yet.

Blank Canvas. Space to Create.

xx Charlotte

Photo taken in Paris 2012

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