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In what currency are prices list?


All prices are listed in USD.

How long do oil artworks take to dry?

Oil artworks can take up to 6-8 months to fully stabilize for varnishing. However​ I will be able to ship your original artwork after 4-7 weeks from its completion pending it size and use of oils. All oil artworks painted within the year of purchase are shipped with a temporary varnish and I encourage you to have them fully varnished about 12 months after your purchase. Any artwork purchased 12 months after completion will arrived fully varnished.

Print Quality & Sizes?

As artists we have many options available to us for organizing prints. Because of the style and nature of my work, I have chosen to offer only Giclee, museum quality prints. This sounds very fancy (and looks a little hard to pronounce), but it's important because the process, printers and inks use are not the same as ordinary printers to ensure the quality of the print lasts at a museum grade level. You will also notice that limited materials and sizes are offered. I have spent time working with my specialized printers to ensure the reproduction of the artwork looks as beautiful as it can. The material and size offered is how I personally would want the art to look on your wall. Given the nature of the print production as well, larger prints get very expensive which would mean I would need to increase the price of my original work and I do not currently wish to do that. 

Do you ship framed or stretched canvas?

The quickest answer to this is no. Not because I'm trying to be difficult, but because of the cost and shipping issues frequently associated with this. I want the arrival of your artwork to be a beautiful experience. As such, unless otherwise specified, most of my artworks and prints are shipped flat or rolled pending their size or nature. 

Do you do live painting for weddings or portraits?

Although I typically paint alla prima (wet on wet), I do not offer live wedding paintings or portraits. However I do offer a wedding art packages for gifts & momentos. Click here for more information.

Do you offer discounts for interior designers, stylists & wedding planners?

Working with interior designers and stylists is a very joyful part of my work due to our collective love of colour and space. I do have special packages for those within my network. Please connect with me at for more details. 

Do you accept commissions?

Yes, I would love to paint your commission based on the styles represented on this website - both Oil and Acrylic work. Please note, commissions are priced differently from those works represented on these website and timings will vary based on my schedule. For more information or quotes on your commission, please feel free to contact me directly by clicking here.

How do you keep your practice environmentally friendly?

The environment is so very special and important to me and I go to extra lengths to ensure that my practices have minimal to no harm on it. All oil paints are specifically selected for their quality - I now choose to only work with Vasari, M Graham & Co and occasionally Windsor & Newton oil paints. From a solvent, medium and cleaning perspective I have shifted over to 100% citrus based solvents, and all natural oils and cleaning bars. Paint is never thrown out but packaged and disposed of by professionals. 


For textiles, I work on a by-demand, digital print bases which prevents excessive wastage of fabric. More than 98% of the fabric I order is used. Fabric are sourced ethically and meet professional OEKO-TEX certifications.

Can I purchase your artwork to use on my business website, products or other application?

Standard artwork purchased through this website does not include any usage rights. I will always retain full artwork and imagery rights for any art visualized on this website, as well as original and prints owned by collectors. Occasionally I will consider licensing my work where the relationship offers the right fit. For any discussion about artwork usage and licensing across any application, please contact me directly. 

Can I feature your artwork in my blog or publication?

I would love to support the online blog / publication community as well as magazines looking for content. Please reach out to me via email with the details of what you'd like to share and I will provide you with references for the photographers, artwork names and details and answer any other questions which you may have -

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