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From Collectors

"Heartfelt and considered with a unique and personalised process that captures the essence and spirit of the chosen subject that is miraculously translated onto the canvas."

A Styled Space

"My love of art making is deeply connected with my love of space making. A styled space - whether inside a home or work place - is one that considerately shares a part of us and our stories. I don't believe this is based on trends or fashion, but rather an intentional curation of those colours, textures, textiles and ornaments that bring meaning and joy to our lives.

This understanding is at the heart of my commission offering. I work directly with clients and the space they are ready to enliven, to create an intuitively expressed artwork which harmonises with your style and captures part of your journey.


The nature of this collaboration results in a very unique artwork for each client. For many years now, I've had the pleasure of doing this throughout homes and office environments in both Australia and America and you are invited to share in this beautiful experience too." 


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Rustles of Delight_Interior.jpg

Commissions with Charlotte are available during a select number of openings each year to ensure these works are a focus around her other creative programs.

For more information on the commission openings, her process, pricing, or to join the waitlist please fill out the below form.

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